Shelter Track is dedicated to creating transparency in public animal shelter operations and to protecting the rights of all shelter animals.
For years county and city officials have talked about reforming public animal shelters, but very little real progress, if any, has been made.  It is not uncommon for an elected official, shelter director, or fundraiser for a shelter to announce a new program that promises to increase adoptions or to make life better for the animals that are living in shelters.
After reviewing thousands of pages of shelter records and other information, we at Shelter Track know that the most accurate information is in the paperwork.  The records tell a very different story from what is presented to the public, because the records don’t come with the PR hype and promotion.
The mission of Shelter Track is to create TRANSPARENCY and ACCOUNTABILITY in public animal shelters and organizations providing animal control and shelter services by making records truly public and exposing the TRUTH.  It is very difficult, if not impossible, to bring about real shelter reform until  people get honest about what is happening now.  In addition to high kill rates in public shelters and private shelters providing services to cities and counties, there are routine violations of state and local laws enacted to protect animals, with virtually no consequences for those committing the violations.
Shelter Track was created as a nonprofit organization, under IRC 501(c)(3), to protect the rights of all animals entering our public shelters and others who are targeted by animal control.  Although most shelter records are available to the public, getting them is not always easy and can be costly.