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For a Salary of About $200,000 a Year, Is It Too Much To Ask That the Person Charged With “Enforcing” Animal Control Laws Actually Knows the Laws?

It may be too much to ask in Riverside County. In response to intense criticism of abusive and intentionally intimidating tactics, Robert Miller, Director of Riverside County Department of Animal Services (RCDAS) issued a press release (see below for copy with comments). Under Miller’s command, RCDAS staff have targeted low income areas of Indio (and other parts of the Coachella Valley) to issue citations for alleged “violations” of law.

The citations, which are issued whether a person is in compliance with the laws or not, are for $400 per dog, $100 each for “violations” of Riverside County ordinances requiring that dogs are licensed, vaccinated against rabies, microchipped and spayed or neutered (even though that’s not really a requirement). Interestingly, Mr. Miller makes reference to state law several times in his press release, but he fails to cite even one applicable state law.

Hint: There is only one, but I’ll let him figure out which one that is. Call me crazy, but I think for his salary of about $200,000 he should at least be able to cite the laws he is referencing. At the very least, it would increase his credibility, particularly since he’s the guy in charge of enforcing animal laws for the whole County of Riverside.

This is a developing story…..stay tuned.

RCDAS Press Release Dog Licensing 5.29.2014 With Comments by marlukha